FAQs – Ovira


I have very bad period pain, will Ovira work for me?

The answer is yes. Ovira was designed specifically for women who suffer from extreme menstrual cramps. 

How does Ovira work?

Ovira transmits small pulses which overload the nerves and stop the pain signals from travelling to the brain. No signals, no pain. 

What does Ovira feel like?

Gentle vibrations.

Is Ovira Safe?

Yes. Ovira is safe to use and has undergone heavy testing to get approved by all regulating bodies including the FDA.

Can anyone use Ovira?

Anyone can use Ovira except for pregnant women or people with pace makers.

Will Ovira help my Endometriosis?

Yes. Ovira was designed with women suffering from Endometriosis in mind, and has shown impressive results to sufferers.

Are there any side effects?

Ovira has no recorded side effects. Please refer to the user manual included with each purchase.

How long does Ovira take to work?

The Ovira works instantly, you should feel her effects within 1min of use.

Can I use Ovira in public?

Yes! Ovira's small discreet design means you can wear her anytime of the day, without anyone noticing.