The freedom to live life
without pain, whatever
time of the month it is.

You wake up one morning already doubled over with severe cramping...

Hello old friend' you think before crossing off all the things you were doing that day. You find the packet of painkillers and realise you nearly used the whole packet last month. Oyyyyyy, a wave of nausea hits. But you get up and get moving, because that's just what we do.

We grimace, take deep breaths, clench our vaginas and Get. It. Done.

Even if this means lying to your boss about going for a coffee when you're really neck deep in the porcelain palace, or sitting at Taco Tuesdays with your boyfriend saying you're just tired from a big day.

You're not tired from a big day, you're tired because you'd been shedding your goddamn uterus lining. And this is considered a good day.

Hands up if this has happened to you.


The fact of the matter is this:

Women are in P.A.I.N.

We're led to believe that pain is normal.

'Oh-em-gee could you just like chill out uterus'
said all women everywhere.

How does this cute, little device stop literal hell?

Ok, let's get technical

Yep, that's right – you got the power.

Get Ovira