Made for skeptics,
by skeptics

We grit our teeth, bury our faces in our pillows, roll up our sleeves, and get on with it.

And we’ve had enough.

A founder who’s been there.

Meet Alice. She suffered years of debilitating period pain - blackouts, vomiting, painful bloating and days in bed. Every damn month. Nothing helped: painkillers, contraceptive pills, hot water bottles, hours of mindfulness.You name it, she tried it.
She knew women deserved more than this, and so Ovira was born. 

Only the best.

All our products undergo the highest quality design and manufacturing. Our vitamins are manufactured in Australia for the best purity and regulatory standards in the world. We take pride at every step to only deliver best in class solutions.

A company that actually cares.

  • Clinically backed solutions
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Rigorous testing and research
  • Traceable ingredients
  • No nasties