Our Story

You've landed here because you want to know what magic genie has made this because it sounds too good to be true...

Okay, fine, you got us - this is Ashton Kutcher and you've just been Punk'd. We kid, we kid.

In 2018, Endometriosis was the #1 Googled health term in Australia.

In 2018, Alice Williams was busy figuring out how to help relieve one of the biggest pain points in female health.

We're gonna let Alice tell you her story.

Hi, I’m Alice and I want to share with you why I created Ovira.

For years, I suffered from debilitating period pain as a result of endometriosis. I’m talking blackout pain, vomiting, days in bed.

Every. Single. Month.

I tried it all: painkillers, the contraceptive pill, hot water bottles. You name it, I tried it.

But, like so many of you, these didn't give me the relief I desperately needed. Because living with pain doesn’t start and end with your period; it impacts your work, social life, confidence and mental health. It’s incredibly isolating.

I set out to get some answers. Only I found that there were no answers that took into account my long-term health or happiness. I shouldn’t have been surprised, the healthcare industry doesn’t have a good track record of making women’s reproductive health a priority.

So, I did as we women do and took the matter into my own hands. And in my research around other pain therapies I discovered pulse therapy. Instant relief that doesn't harm the body? Yes please. 

Using pulse therapy lets me live my best life – which is sharing Ovira with you.


We believe in being transparent and straight-talking because too many people, brands and institutions have shuffled around and avoided talking about women’s health issues.

We choose to talk about all of it – the good, the bad and the bloody. Because if we can do it, why can't you?


We lead with empathy because we know how it feels. And we believe there’s strength in vulnerability.

We are inclusive because there is power in numbers.


We believe every woman should have choice and autonomy over her body, her life and how she lives it. Period.


We believe the health care system is un-equal. That’s why we set out to help relieve one of the biggest pain points in female health, end silent suffering and give women the ability to do life instead of missing it.

And we're only just getting started.