Ovira - Drug Free, instant, period pain relief


  • Drug-free, Instant, Period-
    Pain Relief.

  • Yes, really.

Drug-free, Instant, Period-
Pain Relief.

Yes, really.

We're here to give your period an unexpectedly happy ending.


  • 2. Say ‘Ahhhhhh”

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Works Instantly 

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Backed By Science 

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Megan F

Ovira is my little secret weapon

A breathe of fresh air. The Ovira took the edge off the intensity of my cramping. Along with my pain meds I felt basically pain free. This feels like a game changer to me. On my last few days of my period I used only the Ovira - no meds required! Amazing

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Alex A

Wowwwwww, Ovira is an absolute game changer.

Ovira even though I've used it once has been life changing! honestly, it relieved me in a way I never thought possible. i played around with the intensity for a while until i got it just right. she's a girls best friend! she's perfect!

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Georgia W

Took the pain away and no one even notices you have her on!

I have been using my Ovira for the last few days as I have been experiencing an even worse than normal cycle, it has helped IMMENSELY - I was actually able to stay at work and function while I was using my Ovira, even during a worse than normal cycle! I can't believe it, I wish I had been able to use a product like this sooner!

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Rhi M


Bad pain days are a frequent happening for me, it sometimes becomes so crippling I can barely walk After just 15mins of using the Ovira I can actually function My mind is absolutely blown and I'm so excited to be able to continue to use Ovira

Questions? We've got answers.

I have very bad period pain, will Ovira work for me?

The answer is yes. Ovira was designed specifically for women who suffer from extreme menstrual cramps.

How does Ovira work?

Ovira transmits small pulses which overload the nerves and stop the pain signals from travelling to the brain. No signals, no pain. Period.

What does Ovira feel like?

Gentle vibrations.

Is Ovira Safe?

Yes. Ovira is safe to use and has undergone heavy testing to get approved by all regulating bodies including the FDA.

Can anyone use Ovira?

Anyone can use Ovira except for pregnant women or people with pace makers.