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By using pulse therapy, Ovira stimulates the nerves and stops your period pain instantly. No pills, no side effects, no interruptions to your day.

  • Instant Relief
  • Drug-Free
  • Comfortable and Discreet
  • Free shipping for orders in the United States

Sounds too good to be true? We get that. A lot.

Ovira uses Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), a technology that has been around since the 1980’s and has successfully been used to manage acute and chronic pain in many other areas. But just like many other areas in women’s health, we haven’t had the option to utilize it for period pain until now.

That’s right, we offer a 100-day money back GUARANTEE. If Ovira doesn’t work for you (for whatever reason) you can return her at no extra charge. Simply get in touch via email (hello@ovira.com) and let us know you would like to return your Ovira. We will then send you an email with a paid parcel label and further instructions. We got you. 

We offer free shipping in the United States. For orders within the United States, please expect to receive Ovira within 2-7 business days with standard shipping and 1-4 business days with express shipping. For orders from all other countries, please expect your Ovira within 3-14 business days. If you have any questions about shipping, get in touch via hello@ovira.com

No Side Effects

FDA Approved

100 Day Trial

Long Lasting Relief

Works Instantly

Clinically Tested


What's in the box?

- Ovira Wearable Device

- USB Charging Cable

- Y Cable

- 2 x Love Handles

- Storage Disc

- Storage Pouch

- User Guide

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Customer Reviews
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United States United States

Cheers to a new life!

This is really a life changer!!!! I suffered with having horrible cramps for a little over two years. It got to the point where cramps interfered with my everyday life. Until one day I did research and came across Ovira. It was one of the best things I could’ve did.

Australia Australia

Omg game changer!

First day using Ovira and, as someone who has battled intense period pains (suspected endo) for 15 years, it is the first treatment to actually help with my ~intense~ pain!!! No pain killers do it for me. Would definitely recommend. 100% Worth the investment.

Hannah l.
Australia Australia

Ovira and endo

I have severe endometriosis, and I’ve been using my ovira machine religiously. Honestly hands done one of the most amazing machines it helps me so much and I love my little machine. It’s so small and easy to carry around, 95% of the time you can hide it in your clothing! If you have endo and suffer from pain daily or more than just period pain I couldn’t recommend this product enough!

Madi .
United States United States

Endostrong with Ovira

As a woman who suffers from endometriosis I can tell you that this product really helps. I can wear it all day at work, at home in bed, or on the go. I had an uh-oh with my device and the team was so great. They helped me get it fixed and able to use my device again. Overall great company and great product.

Amy M.

An absolute gamechanger

I've had my Ovira for maybe a week now? It's been an absolute gamechanger, I can't even describe how much better I feel. My endo cramps are significantly reduced and I was pleasantly surprised at how long the battery lasts. I wore it my entire shift (plus overtime, so a total of like 16 hours) yesterday and it didn't even falter once. Super thankful as it meant I could carry on with my work and focus on other things instead of just how much pain I was in. Can't believe it took my so long to find Ovira. Super super thankful. Literally changed my life (not even kidding).

Sally V.

My new favourite thingy on the planet

This is now my new favourite thingy on the planet. I'm currently wearing it at work now, and I feel great! It's soooo. comfortable. If you struggle with chronic pelvic/abdominal pain or severe period pain I highly recommend that you invest in one of these.

Sally O.

Truly a miracle

I never thought period pain relief could be so simple. I tried Ovira once and immediately noticed the difference. On top of it all, I suffer from a spine condition called isthmic spondylolisthesis. It’s unrelated to my period but it does make the menstrual back pains much worse during that time of the month. A TENS unit such as Ovira is actually recommended to help with lumbar/lower back pain, so I get a double bonus from her! I can use her even when I’m not on my period to get relief.

United States United States

Glad to have a new option for pain relief!

If you are considering getting Ovira, I would definitely recommend trying it! I have only used it for one month and while it does not eliminate my pain completely, it did reduce it quite a bit. I only took pain meds one day during my period instead of every day, so to me it was worth it. I am happy to have found an alternative and safe option for pain relief. It was tricky trying to find the right location for the 'love handles' so just be patient with that part and move them around if it doesn't seem to be effective.

Australia Australia

What a relief

I've just finished my first period using my new Ovira and it's the first time in YEARS that I didn't need to count down the minutes until my next paracetamol or burn my stomach with a hot water bottle! I have endometriosis and, when a friend saw this, she sent me the link and I knew I had to try it after reading the story. It feels so soothing, I love it! I can't believe what a weight has been lifted! Absolutely incredible!

Australia Australia

I wish i had one years ago

This is my second month using ovira and i'm in love. I wish i had one when i was a teen. I was sceptical but honestly its been the best money ive ever spent! - If they run out of love handles (i bought some 5cm-5cm 2mm adhesive pads off ebay-square ones) and they work just as well and stay on my tummy better (im not flat like the models haha)) I've told all my friends to try her because she has changed my life!

Elena L.

Don't normally write reviews

I normally don't write reviews but this deserves one. This thing is a miracle, I suffer of very painful periods and PCOS, once I put it on I wait a couple min the pain goes away. Depending on the pain I adjust the level of Ovira so it stops hurting. Amazing, well done.

Abby G.
United States United States

Worth EVERY penny!

I seriously don‘t know why I didn‘t invest in this sooner! I have bad endo and this is great both on and off your period! The staff also made the ordering and shipping process very easy and smooth.

Ashley R.

So small and discreet

Thank you so much for creating something to help that is so small and discreet.I have stage 4 endometriosis - I use my Ovria all the time! I purchased it on the 21st of April and I felt like I needed replacement handles maybe about a fortnight ago. I use it every other day.

Paul C.

Changed my daughter's life

It's certainly changed my daughter Jesse's life. From a father's/ men's perspective it should probably be shouted from the roof tops, because the relief l have witnessed is fantastic. Certainly a game changer and l am sure may not help all, but has relieved a lot of my daughter's pain that's for sure.

Lauren D.

Life changing as an endo sufferer

I love Ovira! Honestly life changing as an endo sufferer.

Tyffani W.

Game-changer for managing my endo pain.

I love my Ovira - it has been a game-changer in managing my endo pain.

Yep that's right - you got the power