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By using pulse therapy, Ovira stimulates the nerves and stops your period pain instantly. No pills, no side effects, no interruptions to your day.

  • Instant Relief
  • Drug-Free
  • Comfortable and Discreet
  • Free shipping for orders in the United States

Sounds too good to be true? We get that. A lot.

Ovira uses Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), a technology that has been around since the 1980’s and has successfully been used to manage acute and chronic pain in many other areas. But just like many other areas in women’s health, we haven’t had the option to utilize it for period pain until now.

That’s right, we offer a 100-day money back GUARANTEE. If Ovira doesn’t work for you (for whatever reason) you can return her at no extra charge. Simply get in touch via email (hello@ovira.com) and let us know you would like to return your Ovira. We will then send you an email with a paid parcel label and further instructions. We got you. 

We offer free shipping in the United States. For orders within the United States, please expect to receive Ovira within 2-7 business days with standard shipping and 1-4 business days with express shipping. Please note, we do not offer express shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. For orders from all other countries, please expect your Ovira within 3-14 business days. If you have any questions about shipping, get in touch via hello@ovira.com

No Side Effects

FDA Approved

100 Day Trial

Long Lasting Relief

Works Instantly

Clinically Tested


What's in the box?

- Ovira Wearable Device

- USB Charging Cable

- Y Cable

- 2 x Love Handles

- 2 x Spare Sticky Gels

- Storage Disc

- Storage Pouch

- User Guide

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Customer Reviews
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United States United States


I have Endo and this is my second period using Ovira... I CANNOT imagine going without it ever again! I used to be unable to walk I was in so much pain, and I can do everything! I have told everyone I know with endo about this! The only down side it waiting in between charging the unit, but it lasts 8 hours on each charge so far :)

Bronwyn S.
Australia Australia

I love my Ovira!!

I love my Ovira!! I can't use pain medication but Ovira really works, works fast and is really easy to put on. The first time I used it at work I was finally able to focus on my work instead of thinking about how much pain I was in and how unwell I was feeling. Best thing I did was get Ovira.

Australia Australia

Why didn't I get one sooner?!

Currently going through my first period with my Ovira, and I'm in love! I'm only having to take a couple of pain killers right before going to sleep for those pesky nighttime cramps, as Ovira takes care of everything throughout the day! My only regret is that I didn't get one sooner, as I could've been enjoying relatively pain-free periods for years by now!

Tori L.
United States United States


This little wonderful Ovira has worked. I have endo, and really bad cramps. I received this in the mail yesterday and it has worked tremendously. I highly recommend this product 1 million times over. It is definitely a life saver. when I take it off the pain is instantly back. Thank you Alice and company for this product

Brooke H.
Australia Australia

Loveeeeeeeeee! ❤️❤️

After getting horrible pain all cycle long, this has been a lifesaver! I can still feel when I'm having cramp, but it isn't the terrible, stop moving and "breathe through the pain" type, it's a small twinge that is totally manageable and I can get through my day to day life. I'm no longer out of action on my period. Worth every cent!

Australia Australia


This works so well to relieve me of the horrible pain I experience each month. I bought it out of desperation because no pain killers worked for me and this has done wonders! I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from horrible pain in the back and stomach with their period.

Jim O.
United States United States


Absolutely amazing. Bought this for my handicapped daughter, who suffers from terrible cramps. Pain hit her this morning, she put this on and I drove her to work. By the time we got there, about 15 minutes, there were tears rolling down her cheeks, her having found a way out from under that terrible pain. She and I can never thank Ovira enough.

Aemilia .
Australia Australia


Game changer!!! Highly recommend this to anyone who struggles with any kind of period pain, this changed my life, i have finally found something that has worked for me and something that has made it easy for my to reclaim my life back!! ❤️

Sara H.
United States United States


I got this as a gift from my boyfriend. It helped me immensely with my endometriosis pain in my lower back. I have tried everything from pills to actual hormone therapy. This is what I needed! Get this product it will help you so much and you won’t regret it!!

Shaminah K.
United States United States

Thank you!

For someone who had been suffering from extreme period cramps for nearly a decade. this is a miracle. it helps a lot to minimize the pain without constantly having to pop pills . I was hesitant investing in it but one of the best products ever for period cramps!. Definitely worth every penny spent!.

Australia Australia

It Works! Drug free relief after 32 years.

I have suffered from severe Endo pain since I was 12 when my period first started. I have missed so many school days, work days and social events due to pain over the years. I’m now 40 so that’s a lot of missed opportunities. I’ve lost count of how many pain medications I’ve tried over the years and how many pills I’ve had to take. I was skeptical about Ovira but was willing to give it ago. It really is amazing, within minutes of putting it on I get relief and often don’t even need to take painkillers. It’s small and I can wear it anywhere so I won’t need to miss out on things anymore. Finally something that works and isn’t damaging my body. Highly recommend it.

Holly S.
United States United States

Life Changing

My period was awful. I would get stabbing pain that would hurt so bad it would shoot down my leg. I could barely hold conversations with people. This is the first period I’ve had where I basically haven’t had to deal with pain— at all. The only time I felt pain was when Ovira’s battery died on my way home from work, but it was recharged in almost an hour.

Andrea G.
United States United States


1,000,000/10 recommend to any women that struggles with any uterine pain. I struggle with Severe endometriosis And this little devise is the only way I can work a full time job. So thankful for it ❤️

Australia Australia

Best thing I have ever spent money on!

I have had terrible period pain for years and I was at the point of taking a whole packet of nurofen each period. After ending up in hospital multiple times with stomach issues, the doctors said that the nurofen has stripped my stomach lining causing major issues I will suffer with for the rest of my life. I came across Ovira and using it for the first time I was totally amazed. I didn’t need to take even one pain killer!! This device is life changing for me and money well spent. I highly recommend!

Qatar Qatar


i was like okayyyy this actually works.

United States United States


I have struggled with endometriosis for years now, and I have tried so many different contraceptives and other things, but nothing ever worked. I have missed out on countless days of school, work, and life in general because of my period. But not anymore!!! This product works almost instantly, and SIGNIFICANTLY reduces my pain! I can do anything I want to on my period now! They even sent me an invoice to send to my insurance company to file a claim! This company not only produces a life changing product, but they also genuinely care about their customers!

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